F-Droid deleted the Spinster app from its repository, abandoning important principles of sharing that FOSS was predicated upon.

Spinster is a Mastodon-based AGPL-licensed feminist site that I co-founded along with M.K. Fain. It has attracted a lot of controversy due to the fact it allows a wide range of discussions around gender, sex, and gender identity.

F-Droid's comment on GitLab

I was compelled to create Spinster after being banned from a Mastodon instance for opinions I wrote offsite. In a similar fashion, Mastodon Android apps began blocking servers they don't like on the app level, so we decided to create our own app.

The Spinster app was quickly banned from the Google Play Store.

We've seen nothing short of an onslaught since we launched Spinster. People have DDoSed us, spammed our server, shamed us, banned us, shit-talked us, and tried to shut us down. We are serving over 7,000 feminists on a FOSS-powered, privacy-respecting, ethical social network, but the internet wants to get rid of us.

A spam attack sent thousands of unwanted notifications to users on Spinster by abusing dozens of innocent Pleroma servers. GitLab issue.
Twitter bridge moa.party blocked Spinster

The concern is that Spinster allows users to say things such as "trans women aren't women." Meanwhile, people are spreading lies that Spinster users want to kill or otherwise harm trans people. These accusations are completely false, and they themselves are meant to incite hatefulness towards Spinster users. To date there has not been a single case of a radical feminist attacking a transgender person, while there have been many cases of the opposite.

An average Spinster comment. Notice the number of likes and boosts. TRA = Trans Rights Activist.

This is a troubling trend in the FOSS community - allowing ourselves to be divided over ideological issues. It's very convenient for the rich and powerful that this is the case, because it disempowers the FOSS community and empowers corporations like Facebook and Twitter.

F-Droid maintainer Bubu advocating for division of the FOSS community.
Bubu bans feminist discussion in the F-Droid chat, despite having just made a decision on the grounds of ideological differences about feminism.
Bubu banned Mary Kate from the chatroom, despite her concern that F-Droid is silencing women in tech.
Bubu banned me from the chatroom for pointing out his hypocrisy.

The chatroom is public, so if you'd like the see the full context you can read the full chatroom log.

This is extremely concerning to me, because the FOSS movement is predicated on openly sharing. We don't discriminate against anyone based on their political beliefs. F-Droid's ban of us is entirely one-sided.

We will continue to work tirelessly to serve the FOSS community, creating solutions that don't discriminate, and that EVERYONE is allowed to use. As far as I'm concerned, F-Droid is compromised and is no longer supporting the mission of FOSS, but pushing an unrelated, arbitrary political agenda. They said as much in their public statement from July, and now they're showing us they aren't afraid to push the line further.

The slippery slope has already been slipped. The people harmed are feminst women, an underprivileged group. Ironically, these are the people F-Droid is claiming their ideological censorship policies should protect.

You can read Mary Kate's account of this incident too.