Transgender ideology is a dogmatic cult that has brainwashed leftists into condoning violence against women.

My story

9 months ago my partner and I were forced out of our house for being "transphobic." We were also forced out of the multiple animal rights groups we founded, which focused on ending nonhuman and human oppression through an intersectional lens.

Later, an activist's brother harassed us at a vegan restaurant, calling me names like "faggot" and "pussy" before assaulting me.

Almost everyone in the animal rights community stayed quiet. Transphobes deserve to be assaulted, right? And words like "pussy" and "faggot" aren't really misogynistic when directed at a transphobe... right?

Others publicly called me out, denouncing me as a transphobe before even talking to me or knowing the story. These were people I'd known for years. Thanks for that.

Now I'm an alien in my own city. Even though you wanted me to die, I'm still here, and you have to contend with my presence. You may forget I exist for a while, but I could be around the street corner at any time. What will you do if you see me?

I stand by my position: transgender ideology is a lie. Publicly humiliating me for my belief didn't crush it out of me. It just made me realize this is a more pressing and important issue than I'd previously thought.

My views

  1. Sex is a biological reality.
  2. Sex can't be changed, nor can race or species.
  3. Dressing how you want to is okay.
  4. You're allowed to do what you want with your body. Caveat: be cautious not to let others convince you to do something you don't want to.
  5. Gender nonconformity is radical and good.
  6. Denying the biological reality of sex is regressive and bad.


Let's just get this out of the way so we're talking about the same thing. From Wikipedia:

  • Transgender people have a gender identity that differs from their assigned sex.
  • Assigned sex is the determination of an infant's sex at birth.
  • Gender identity is the personal sense of one's own gender.

Rather than describing something that already exists, these words prescribe certain ideas to us about sex and gender.

Sex (as in "male" and "female") describes something that exists in our world. Humans and all other animals (except a few) procreate through sexual reproduction. Yet, transgender ideology wants us to believe that sex is "assigned" by a doctor rather than just being the material reality.

In this article I'll say trans man to mean a female who identifies as a man, trans woman to mean a male who identifies as a woman, and male and female to mean the biological terms.

'Nonbinary' is also a thing (it's transgender) but there are so many variations of it, I can't use any specific terms. My arguments will still apply.

Arguments against trans ideology

0. Preface

I support marginalized people, including: racial minorities, immigrants, the LGB community, nonhuman animals, and women. It's my support for women that inspired my supposedly "transphobic" beliefs.

...the list goes on. There's even a website called "They Say This Never Happens" with a routinely-updated list.

I understand how it's tempting to say: "But this is just biased reporting! LGB people have a history of being called sexual deviants too." It's interesting then, how there is a campaign from within the LGB community to Drop the T.

Meanwhile, trans advocates like Julia Serano are making such convincing arguments as:

...we cannot readily ascertain anybody’s sex chromosomes. Indeed, most people have never even had their sex chromosomes examined...

If we really cannot tell a man from a woman, then how is it possible that women are even oppressed? All statistics about domestic violence against women, rape, and sexual assault are now meaningless because these women have never had their chromosomes examined.

1. Politicians

Images from Wikipedia

Take a look at this list of transgender politicians. Now count the number of trans women on the list, and the number of trans men on the list. If it's true that privilege is determined by gender identity and not sex, then why are there so many trans women politicians and so few trans men? Is it possible that maybe people are actually oppressed based on sex and not gender identity?

Trans men are totally excluded from the conversation. They are rarely praised, rarely hold positions in office, and they are not the front-runners of the trans movement. The reason, of course, is that trans men are female. There are barriers to a female holding office, and we shouldn't pretend we've overcome this by electing males who identify as women.

2. Innate gender

For a long time, feminists have tried to inspire people to break free from oppressive gender roles. We don't have to buy into stereotypes, we can dress how we want and do what we want.

A woman is allowed to have short hair, and a man is allowed to wear a dress. A woman is allowed to build a spaceship and a man is allowed to do the dishes.

Transgender ideology takes us a step backwards. A man who wears a dress must be a woman.

Trans advocates will deny this. They'll say that your gender identity is different from whether or not you wear a dress. You can be a "woman" like Danielle Muscato:

To that I say: then what does it mean to be a woman? The answer is usually, "because I just feel like I am." But do you really? Do you know what being a woman feels like exactly? Can you describe that feeling without resorting to sexist stereotypes?

3. Tumblrisms

Despite what you heard, transgenderism has not existed for thousands of years. Cross-dressing has, but not the ideas of "gender identity" and "assigned sex." Even 10 years ago cross-dressers were willing to admit they were still male. These ideas are purely the creation of Tumblr users from within the past decade.

Transracialism, transspeciesism, and transgenderism all were first popularized on Tumblr, featuring classic memes like "Die Cis Scum" (2012). Only 7 years later the whole political landscape has changed.


Rachel Dolezal

Rachel Dolezal was the NAACP president from 2014-2015. She tans her skin and curls her hair, but she's white. When people found out, she resigned.

There was outrage. Black people were furious that Rachel treated their oppression as something she could opt-in to as a white person.

Despite this, Rachel insists that she truly is black (in her soul). In the feature-length documentary The Rachel Divide, she sobs about her life of alienation as a black woman outcast by her own people for being born in the wrong body.

Trans YouTuber Kat Blaque says that Rachel Dolezal is just a liar. If that's true, which transgender people are liars? How can people tell who's telling the truth? This matters, because trans women are demanding inclusion in women-only spaces such as group rape counseling.


Proprietary image, author unknown. Fair Use.

In the short documentary I Think I'm an Animal, Therians explain how they feel they were "born the wrong species."

A "Therian" is someone who identifies as a different species. In other words, they are "transspecies." Typically Therians experience species dysphoria (the feeling that their body is the wrong species).

Therians are closely related to Otherkin, except that Otherkin believe they are a mythical being like a dragon or unicorn. On the other hand, Therians can only be animals that have existed on Earth, like a wolf, rabbit, lion, or pig.

Transspecies people are often mocked and ridiculed. The idea that humans and animals are comparable isn't taken seriously in a speciesist society. But as an anti-speciesist, this movement is far more concerning to me. How might Therians derail the vegan movement by claiming that they are cows, they are chickens, or even that they are lions?

4. Violence

"Die cis scum. It’s not ironic. It’s not cute. It is a threat." - Char the Butcher

Just click, and scroll:

There is a culture of normalized violence in the trans community. The idea being: "When you disagree with trans ideology, it promotes a culture which murders trans people, so therefore trans people should murder you back first." More on that in section 5.

One thing is true: just because some trans advocates say violent things, doesn't mean their ideas are wrong. You can't judge an argument by the fact some of its proponents are violent.

That said, these are people who are trying to convince us they belong in women-only spaces such as bathrooms, locker rooms, and group rape counseling.

Males have a history of violence. Virtually every war fought by humans has been waged by males. Males rape and murder women. They even rape and murder other men. Everyone knows this is true. But if a male identifies as a woman, does that all magically go away?

  • 90% of perpetrators of sexual violence against women are male (source)
  • 93% of perpetrators of sexual violence against men are male (source)
  • 95% of perpetrators of all child sexual abuse are male (source)

5. Trans deaths

Do you remember that double-equals thing?

With pandemonious headlines like A National Epidemic: Fatal Anti-Transgender Violence in America in 2018, you'd think things are pretty bad.

Not to mention trans protesters disrupting book signings to shout things like: "We get raped more often. We deal with domestic violence more often. A trans woman was killed here a few blocks. I have been followed home."

The reality is that 29 trans-identified people were killed in 2017.

The Human Rights Campaign headquarters

My number of 29 people comes from the double-equals people themselves: The Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBT civil rights advocacy group and political lobbying organization in the United States. They are also the same people who created the pandemonious headline earlier.

In 2016, there were 17,250 Americans killed. Some percentage of that is bound to be trans-identifying people, especially as more people are starting to identify as trans.

Over the years the numbers go up and down. 22 in 2009, 30 in 2011, and 22 in 2018.

In addition, almost all trans people killed were black sex workers. Black people and sex workers are two separate groups who both have disproportionately high levels of violence committed against them. If you're not a trans black sex worker, your chances of death are comparable to everyone else.

Comparison by population size

  • There are 1.4 million trans-identifying people in the US (2014 study,
  • There are 161 million males and 166.2 million females (, 2018)
  • 2017 saw these murders: 29 trans (, 12 thousand males, and 3 thousand females (

When adjusted for population size:

  1. 0.0019% of females were killed
  2. 0.0021% of trans people were killed
  3. 0.0074% of males were killed

By this metric, trans people have it slightly worse than females, but far better compared to males. With the significant difference between .0021 and .0074, I think it's safe to conclude that males who identify as trans are actually in far better shape for having done so. Females might be slightly worse off.

Trans activists justify punching women by saying her words are "literally" murdering trans people. In reality, trans murder is a speck of a problem. There is no evidence of a mass "epidemic" of violence against trans people. Instead, this argument is weaponized to justify violence against anyone who doesn't 100% agree with them.


Transgender ideology is fiction. It's no more believable than The Bible, and its followers defend it with religious zeal.

It can be nice to play into someone's delusion in order to be "accepting" and save someone from a bit of pain, but please be considerate of the pain you may cause to others by promoting hostile delusions.

Women should be allowed to organize a female-only space. If you agree, please sign the Declaration on Women's Sex-Based Rights.

I'm really only scratching the surface here, but I'm tired of hiding. I'm unashamedly opposed to transgender ideology, and this is my public statement.