In lieu of /u/spez, the CEO of Reddit, violating users' trust by editing their comments, people of Reddit have been rethinking their association with the platform. The 'Go' programming language, for instance, has talked about deleting their /r/golang subreddit.

Voat is a popular alternative which claims to be censorship-free, and provides the full source-code for the site under a free software license. This is very attractive to users concerned about security, transparency, and free software.

While we don't necessarily approve or agree with all content that users submit to Voat, our policy is to not meddle and not censor content unless said content is illegal in the United States.

There is one problem, though: the users are cruel, cult-like, and obscene. Voat's voting system is supposed to resolve this by allowing the community to police itself, enabling users to curate good content by upvoting or downvoting comments and submissions.

If you have an unpopular opinion, though, good luck contributing to that.

Broken down, here's the issue:

  • Points (CPP) are received when people upvote your comments
  • 100 CPP are needed to downvote submissions
  • People with unpopular opinions will never receive 100 CPP
  • The status quo is maintained

This has been posted about before, and things get worse. The less popular opinion you have, the more restricted you are in contributing at all.

If a user has -50 CCP or less, they will only be able to post 5 comments per day until their CCP improves. If a user has -50 CCP or less, they will only be able to submit 1 discussion or 1 link per day until their CCP improves. (Source)

As you can see, Voat crushes users' abilities to contribute who disagree with the popular opinions of the site. This, ironically, goes against everything they claim to stand for.

This issue has been brought up by users many times, and the lack of response on Voat's part makes it seem unlikely this situation will change.

User responses range from,

Why did you leave Reddit then? Serious


You're not being denied the ability to dv because your views are different, you are denied because you have not contributed enough. Contribute and you will get there eventually - if that really is your goal.


Fuck off faggot.

For a better social media alternative, check out Mastodon. They are a great community and live on a free-software federated platform, compatible with GNU Social. This means that even if the network administrators become corrupt, you can host your own instance or move to a different server while maintaining connections with users on the same network.

For a better news alternative, check out freepost for news related to free-software, and see Wikipedia's main page for daily world news.

Sorry, but for dank memes I'm aware of no better Reddit alternative than Voat. Send us a message if you do. I hope this is a lesson in the importance of adopting decentralized platforms, because just being free-software is not enough.